The majority of brands only generate a small portion of the potential reach from their organic content.

Your success, our mission

Step 1 - preparation


(Meeting in person/video call)

In this stage we get to know each other and define the objectives of our partnership. This initial step allows us to understand your goals and needs, ensuring that we can tailor our approach to meet and exceed your expectations. Through meaningful conversations and thorough research, we lay the foundation for a successful collaboration


(Can take up to a month of time)

We offer daily updates to our very detailed and transparent tracking, along with transparency on every account we build, so you can see the actual views



ClipiFly also provides multimedia production for clients who need it, ensuring a seamless experience with minimal effort required from the client. We use our experience to realize your vision from concept development to post-production.

Step 2 - campaign


(Achieved on TikTok)

Every month we repurpose your long-form material into short-form videos that have a high virality score and release hundreds of them on a wide network of secondary social media accounts that we build specifically for you


(Available thorugh the app)

Committed to transparency and data-driven decisions, our advanced analytics provide in-depth insights into your campaign history

Data bank

(Available through the dashboard)

Elevate your content management experience with our dedicated cloud data bank, exclusively designed to house and safeguard every video created for your campaign, so you can use them wherever you want.


Step 3
You are a star

Let's talk